Finding competent business lawyers in NJ: Pointers that matter

Managing your company’s legal affairs in New Jersey requires a deep understanding of laws. Besides dealing with disputes and lawsuits from time to time, businesses need to ensure compliance across all levels, and it is just as important to have legal support for making major decisions. Law firms like Sattiraju & Tharney offer competence and expertise for local businesses in NJ, and if you are wondering how to choose a business lawyer, below are some relevant pointers.

Find a few potential options

Talk to other businesses in the area to get references and recommendations for business law firms in the city. It is always better to work with lawyers who have extensive experience in the sector, and you can always find online directories and listings to shortlist a few.  

Schedule consultations

You cannot hire a business lawyer on the phone. Your in-house team must visit the law firm and discuss the short-term and long-term legal needs of the company. Most firms in NJ will be happy to offer an appointment, which is a great opportunity to ask questions about pertinent aspects.

Check the essential details

As a client, reviewing the portfolio of the shortlisted firms is critical. Try finding answers to questions like –

  1. How many lawyers work for the firm? Do they specialize in corporate law?
  2. What are their areas of expertise?
  3. Does the firm work for your immediate competitors?
  4. When it comes to business disputes, do the lawyers have courtroom experience?
  5. What typical cases do they deal with?

Look for ratings

Independent legal websites, search engines, and social media platforms have ratings and testimonials, which can come in handy to compare local business lawyers. You can always ask a firm for references, but check about its reputation online.

Ask about fees

Hiring a business lawyer on the payroll may not be feasible for smaller companies, but even when you are choosing to outsource, your business should know the fee structure. It is common for firms in NJ to charge a flat fee for more straightforward tasks, while for major litigation and related issues, lawyers may take an hourly rate. If there is scope to recover a financial settlement through a lawsuit, a contingency arrangement could be possible.

Establish the relationship

Talk to the firm about how you can get updates on certain matters or ways to contact the legal team for advice and consultation. Your business lawyer should be accessible and available, and when they cannot provide assistance, they must offer sources and references through their network.

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