Send Valentine Day Gifts Other than Roses

No doubt, roses are an excellent choice to express your feelings to your loved ones. Be it a gesture of gratitude, love or just being sorry, roses speak it all! But, wouldn’t you try something new this Valentine Day? Get away with winning your beloved’s heart with these Valentine Day gifts that are not simply a bouquet of roses. 

Read below some of our unique ideas for Valentines Day gifts that will win your beloved’s heart and make them yearn for you.

Valentine Day gifts apart from roses

There are many creative ways in which you can send across your feelings to your sweetheart, instead of sending a bunch of roses. You can be the hero by sending these unique Valentine Day gifts to your special one. You can get these gifts delivered online through online gift delivery portals and surprise your loved one on this Valentine day.

Bouquet of carnations

Well, flowers need not mean roses each time! You can do the extraordinary by sending carnations to your loved one. Go for a bouquet of colourful carnations and get it delivered to your sweetheart’s doorstep through midnight flower delivery options that are available online. You can add to the surprise element by sending across a cute greeting card with your heart’s emotions written on it. This is a great way to make them feel special without sending the usual roses!

A pair of beautiful earrings

You can win your girlfriend/wife’s heart by sending them a pair of beautiful earrings. You can choose from a variety of options that are available online. Go for something that will go well with their style and fashion sense. This is a great way to win your woman’s heart and make them feel truly special. You can send a box of chocolates with this gift to add to the quotient. You can select exotic chocolates like Ferrero Rocher or Dairy Milk Celebrations to go down with this gift.

A bouquet of orchids

If you want to say it in style, why not try for orchids on this Valentine Day? Orchids are a great way to express your heart’s feelings and they are agroup of exotic and rich flowers. You special someone will definitely be glad to receive a bouquet of orchids at their home or workplace! You can surprise them more by going for the midnight flower delivery option available online.

“I belong to you” mug

You can win your sweetheart’s love and adoration by sending them a beautiful mug which has “I belong to you” printed on it. It is a unique and classy way of telling them that you value their presence in your life. You can greatly surprise your sweetheart by sending them this beautiful mug on Valentine’s Day. You can easily get these gifts online and can order them at the comfort of your home, without having to move from shop to shop.

Spa or salon vouchers

This is another unique and creative idea to make your special one feel loved and special on this Valentine Day. You can pamper them by gifting them vouchers from their favourite spa or salon. By doing this, you get a chance to show them that you care about their health and mind more than they thought! It is a great way to gift them some relaxation from the daily hectic lifestyle. You can order these gifts online to get delivered at their doorstep.


This is an innovative gift for your sweetheart on Valentine Day. You can send across a cubelight that they can use in their living room or bedroom or even keep on their office desk. Get the cubelight personalized with cute photos of you both! Choose the photos that are indeed dear to you and surprise your loved one on this Valentine Day.

A stone polished ring

You can surprise your wife/girlfriend by sending them a beautiful stone polished ring on this Valentine Day. You can make their day truly special by expressing your love with a ring. It is a beautiful way to win their heart on this special day of love.

These are some of the unique Valentine Day gifts that you can send to your loved one on this special day. You can go for the online delivery portals and get these gifts delivered straight to your sweetheart’s door. 

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