5 Ways B2B Companies can Incorporate Influencer Marketing

No audience doesn’t require influencer marketing. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, it was noticed 5 years ago, only 86% of marketers have started opting for influencer marketing, including software brands. But, it was the B2C companies that started making the most out of influencer marketing. Influencers are often looked upon as experts with their honest opinions, and even the B2B buyers look forward to the influencers’ reviews. However, only 15% of B2B brands, including software companies, have put influencer marketing on their marketing list. 

So, the remaining B2B companies should choose influencer marketing and enjoy reaching new audiences. You can follow the following strategies to get your hands as a B2B company:

  1. Choose experts capable of targeting your audience 

There are various influencers available in the online world, and where there are so many choices, it becomes hard to pick the most suitable one. Here comes which one to pick and how to pick. On the based of two things, you can make a choice. One factor is how many followers that influencer has, and the other one is what type of content they posts. By the type of content, you can judge the level of knowledge. You also need to ensure your brand’s original voice, authentication and relevance. 

  1. Pick experts who can better review your products

When it comes to buying a product flourishing in the B2B market requires more original and honest reviews by the experts. As the reviews directly impact the buying decision of the software brands. While on the other hand, reviews can be seen as generating traffic on the website and increasing the sale of the product/software. By sharing your product/software with the influencers, you can grab the reviews you can post on Social Media or display them on your website. 

  1. Turn your customers into influencers 

 Allow your customers to review your product/software and turn them into an influencer. You will be surprised to know that almost 90% of customers let other customers’ reviews influence their purchasing decision. Even the testimonials shared by customers are a reliable review that holds the dual power of making the customers convert. The reviews are not just a piece of information. And instead, they are an experience after using a product/software. 

  1. Take the interview of the industry leaders

Choose the most relevant influencer, send them the product/software and set a list of questions you need to ask. You can get the answers via email or simply arrange a Zoom call. Now, you can use that interview to post on Social Media platforms like LinkedIn and attract as many potential customers as you want. Also, don’t forget to include your website URL for making your customers’ buying journey easy. This method significantly improves your brand’s credibility and builds a good reputation in the market. 

  1. Let guest posts do thee magic 

Send an invitation to all the guest post bloggers. Send them your product/software and let them write on it. Give them full liberty to come with their point of view. You can use these guest post pieces for posting on Social Media. If those guest post bloggers she the review piece on their Social Media pages, it will help you grow a larger audience. 

Winding It Up! 

Yes, it is a bitter truth that the B2B industry was slow in a race to adopt influencer marketing compared to the B2C industry. But, it doesn’t signify influencer marketing is not a worthy choice for the B2B market. Many influencers in the B2B sector significantly impact from a career perspective, and they have been successful in achieving expertise and reliability. They earn massive amounts as the purchases made in the B2B industry are done at a large scale. 

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