What is our cost per copy Print system?

We have advanced professional printing solutions, with specialized products and tools for each of the printing needs that the self-employed, SMEs and large companies need. We offer a much more intelligent, efficient and cost-effective printing system and method, which will allow you to save printing costs and not worry about the maintenance of your printers.

At Guano Informatica, we have been offering advanced printing solutions adapted to all business needs for more than 20 years.

The objective is clear: Improve your productivity with our Konica Minolta printing solutions and save on your printing costs.

Konica Minolta printing solutions allow companies to print sharp, clear and brilliant documents on supports of a wide variety of weights and sizes, without resorting to external services.

Now your company can save time, money and complications by keeping control of what you same day print without depending and minimizing the environmental impact with all the services included in a costexcopy contract.

Contract Solutions Pago Professional Use.

The Konica Minolta printer solution offers printing adapted to the needs of any company, in a CostexCopia printing contract, where you acquire ownership of the machine and a contract is activated in which you will have a guaranteed monochrome and color printing cost, where you pay monthly only for what you print, without additional expenses, where you are sent the consumables you require and a 5-year on-site equipment warranty with everything included.

With this printing solution you will have covered for 5 years all printing, copies and technical service included, without additional expenses for breakdowns or parts.

Depending on the machine model selected, you will have a guaranteed printing cost both in monochrome (black) and a color printing cost. In the event that in a month you do not print, you do not pay.

Printing costs will depend on the model of machine you purchase, but range from less than a thousandth of a cent in monochrome to just a few cents in color.

Welcome to our smart office

What makes an office smart? What does smart work mean and what do MFPs have to do with it?

Transform your work environment into a digitally connected workspace with Konica Minolta’s Digital Office solutions.

We highlight 7 key areas for you, all of which are shaping the way we work today and tomorrow:

· Connectivity

Universal Design

Security and Collaboration

· File sharing.

· Management and capture of documents.

· Dashboard customization.

· Mobile and cloud printing.


In addition, when investing in the machine, we offer you a rental payment system where you will not have to make or pay the full amount of the printer and at the end of the rental you can choose between two options:


At IP Group we offer the best cost per copy plans you can find, we have the perfect plan for your company or office. We work with the professional range of Brother and Epson to be able to make the offers that best suit your needs, with the lowest possible cost per impression without neglecting the benefits that your activity requires. With a cost per page printing contract, you will be able to forget about consumables and breakdowns, we take care of everything! With our pay-per-use plans you will no longer have to worry about buying or ordering toners and cartridges for your printers or photocopiers, we monitor your printing equipment for you and we send you the consumables at no added cost, so that you only you have to take care of your work. We work providing this service in the main cities of Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Bilbao, Vigo and many more.

Laser printers vs. professional ink printers

There is a false belief that laser printers are the ones with the lowest printing costs, currently professional ink printers offer much lower costs than laser printing, both in terms of consumables (toners and wear parts ), as well as its electrical consumption. Professional ink printers can have a cost per print up to 3 times lower than laser printers. A laser printer has a much higher electrical consumption than inkjet printers. The use of ink printers can offer electricity savings of up to 96% in relation to the consumption of laser equipment.

Are laser printers faster?

Well, it depends on each model, but currently there are professional ink printers that are offering us color printing speeds of up to 100 pages per minute! Nothing to envy to most laser equipment on the market.

What if we want to print documents or plans in A3?

Well, if you do not need a large volume of printing, almost without hesitation we will have to opt for ink, there is very few laser equipment that allow us to print in sizes as large as this, and its cost is quite high. However, in ink there are very cheap equipment capable of printing and scanning double-sided up to A3 format, satisfying the needs of professionals, small offices or departments.

So are inkjet printers better than lasers?

Well, like everything, it depends on each scenario, and it is not something that can be said lightly. Each workplace has different needs, for some, despite the advantages of ink printers, the most recommendable option may be a laser printer, and in other cases the opposite. But don’t worry, we are here to help you! Contact us and we will look for the equipment that best suits your needs with a plan tailored to your needs!

Renting vs. purchase

A renting is basically a lease or rental contract, which will mostly avoid the investment that a simple purchase entails, offering comfortable, more bearable installments for you or your company. We offer plans with renting or rental of printers for you and your business, so you do not have to make any large investment. There are different modalities among which you will be able to find the one that best suits you.

Types of cost-per-copy plans

We have several types of cost-per-print plans for you:

Printer rental, with no minimum number of copies. With this modality you do not commit to a fixed fee except the cost of the equipment, if you do not print you do not pay for copies.

Printer rental, with print package included. We adjust the price with minimum packages at a very low cost, ideal if you have a stable print volume that fits with any of these.

Printer renting, without maximums or excesses to print everything you want. If what you don’t want is to be aware of paying more one month than another, because you have made a very large circulation of letters or documents, this is your ideal package, print what you want with the coverage you want and always pay the same, without surprises.

Cost per copy contracts not including equipment. Ideal if you do not want to rent, buy the equipment and we will invoice you for the copies, with or without a package, in the way that best suits you.

And all this with options from 36 to 60 months, for a wide portfolio of printers and multifunction equipment (or photocopiers), both laser and ink, in monochrome or color and with the possibility of all functions up to A3 format.

Calculate price per print copy

Calculating the cost per page of a printer is relatively easy, it is something similar to calculating the consumption of our vehicle, only that for printers we have to measure copies instead of kilometers.

We must take into account all the consumables, normally in inkjet printers we will have to assess the cost of both the cartridges (usually 1 for monochrome printers and 2 or 4 for color printers), and the maintenance tank if they have it , all this divided by the estimated number of copies as indicated by the manufacturer, normally calculated on a 5% average coverage in the prints. In laser printers, the same only taking into account the consumables for our equipment, which depending on the model, could range from only one toner, up to 4 toners, drum, drive belt, etc. depending on the model. In fact, to be more exact in professional teams, we should also assess the wear parts, although that would already be to “curl the loop”.

We must also take into account if we want to know the cost of printing in monochrome or color to assess the necessary consumables in each case.

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