5 Obstacles to Writing a Books and How to Conquer Them 

In the process of writing a books, writers have different writing experiences. A recent survey of 2,000 writers in the U.S. stated that 80 percent of Americans desire to write a book; however, only 15 percent have taken the initiative to begin writing a book. Six percent have gotten halfway through, while 8% of the novelist can complete their novel. Writer’s block is the biggest barrier that causes trouble in writing. To some writers, writing a book seems an easy process; they write with a spontaneous flow. While others feel writing is like a drilling rock, the scariest moment is how to begin writing. Either they need help finding inspiration or cannot perceive unique and unusual ideas. When the book ends, some writers lose the writing tempo and need help to develop a productive ending. Maybe the lingering story or characters make them lose interest in completing the book; hence, they end the book absurdly. Consequently, many writers change their genre of writing to writing children’s books or non-fiction books. The other hurdles are needing expertise or having free time to write. 

Though writing a book is enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding, inexpert and proficient writers face hindrances while writing different parts of a book. Let’s explore some common obstacles that writers face while writing a book and how they overcome these hurdles.

Major Obstacles to Writing a Book 

  • Need more time to write.

Writing a complete book requires hard work and may take an indefinite period of weeks or even months to write an entire manuscript. Many writers plan to write but fail to take the initiative to begin writing. Most of them cannot manage time for book writing due to their hectic job routines or studies. To spur their incentive for writing, writers should look through their schedules and find a convenient time they can spend on writing. Think and plan an appropriate time when they can write with a free mind. For instance, early morning, having a hot tea or coffee will boost their inspiration to write, or after preparing dinner or when kids go to bed, consequently, they can sacrifice some time to carve out inventive ideas for writing. Moreover, they have ample time to plan their book while waiting in line at the bus stop, the grocery store, or the doctor’s clinic. The best way to capture unique ideas is to keep a notepad or a journal to jot down the notes or ideas that instantly come to mind.

Moreover, writing small chunks on a daily word count is a helpful tip for developing motivation to write. Finally, develop a book plan that helps a writer stay on track. It enables them to gain a flow that helps to conceive a powerful storyline or plot.

  • How   to start writing 

Writing an entire book is a big project; many writers get stuck while beginning a book. Even professional eBook writers find it hard to write down the first page of the book. Establishing a consistent writing space may take months, even years. Set your intentions, create a roadmap, and stick to consistent routines to gain motivation for writing. Consequently, it helps to create productive writing habits.

  • Fear of writing 

Another obstacle that prevents writers from creating an interesting book is their growing fear, anxiety, and self-doubt about their writing style. For instance, some writers feel hesitant about who would want to read anything they write. An autobiography writer with an interesting story to narrate may have undesirable opinions about his book. Furthermore, negative feedback and criticism from the audience disheartened them. As a result, they halt their writing power. Strong writers require strategies to overcome their fear of writing and create striking content that can be shared with a wider audience. Consequently,   most writers prefer hiring book writing services to acquire proper guidance and inspiration to enrich their writing expertise. The right team of experts will continue to support and encourage them at every stage of writing, reminding them about the positive results they get once their book is published.

  • Meeting Deadlines

One of the difficult parts of the writing process is meeting deadlines. Most writers feel perplexed and need help to stay on track regarding encountering their deadlines. For instance, writers need to meet the expected word count per day or complete a writing project on a specified date. Therefore, it is recommended to break their writing into manageable tasks and set per day or weekly required word count. By practice, writers can write the maximum number of words for their stories. Hence, they will be able to meet their deadlines and develop enthusiasm to keep writing and finish their book.

  • A consistent mindset to work on your manuscript

Get over yourself and overcome your inner critic; that is the biggest obstacle in creating a perfect book. You may feel depressed looking at your disorganized and unpolished piece of writing and may end up writing. Therefore, develop a consistent mindset and unswerving work on your manuscript. Remember, first drafts are always messy; you may have to rewrite certain parts to refine the language and syntax. If your inner critic discourages you, trick your mind into thinking positively and congratulate yourself on small achievements. Hence, it will permit you to write with perfection.

  • Work on Another Section

If you feel stuck while writing introductions, choose another section to work on and come back later on the prior part. Some writers feel that writing out of order helps them to write a perfect introduction at the end. Writing on another part will help them develop more ideas they can incorporate when they begin composing an organized book introduction.

  • Use a Different Writing Tool

Another obstacle could be a writing tool that makes a writer feel stagnant. To gain momentum, try changing your writing tools. If you type, try switching to pen and paper or typing in a different font. You can also use a specialized writing app or software that breaks your book into different chapters and scenes so you can work easily and enjoy every moment of creating an awesome manuscript for the readers.

To recapitulate 

Every year thousands of writers worldwide aim to write 50,000 words in just 30 days but experience trouble in the writing process. Writer’s block is the biggest barrier that prevents writers from creating their best writing pieces. Some writers lack brilliant ideas or inspiration to write a creative piece or have writing anxiety and procrastination that won’t allow them to hone their writing skills. Moreover, some writers lose tempo if the story lacks a high concept or sounds vague or boring. To cope with roadblock thoughts, you need the right team of experts that boost your motivation, making writing your top priority. Hence, envision you becoming the bestseller writer you have dreamed of.

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