Spear Phishing and How To Deal With It: TheOneSpy Review

One of our employees got caught up in a very difficult position and because of that whole department was in hot water. A hacking attempt was made and the target was one of the employees in the IT department. He was recently recruited and was working in the database department. He became the target of spear phishing and the hacker was after log-in information and password credentials. Though the damage was still in control and the employee acted smartly but still there were some damages. 

  • Just in the year 2020, 74% of successful phishing attacks were made on American organisations. 
  • Spear phishing is far more effective when it comes to phishing attacks. There is a 70% chance of opening a spear phishing email according to the FireEye report.

Of course, the vulnerability issue and exposure to cyber criminals was a long debate and thus it needed closure in the form of some immediate measure and implementation. They got the employee monitoring app right after the incident was reported. And there were even some workshops to raise awareness regarding the employee monitoring software and spy apps. The TheOneSpy spy app offers a lot of effective employee monitoring features that can be used to keep a check on the employees and their system and any evil plan or attack can be tracked before time. Thus the spy app can be used to avoid any big damage and it can help organisations’ reputations and confidential data.   In case you need an TheOneSpy comprehensive review we are here to share some beneficial insights about how to use the TheOneSpy spy cell phone without phone or any other employee monitoring software to deal with a cyber attack like spear phishing.  

What Is Spear Phishing:

A Spear phishing attack is an attack on a single target. It can be an employee, a business or an organization. The mtheod of attack can be different and it depends on the hacker but the damage can be long-lasting. 

TheOneSpy Comprehensive Review:

TheOneSpy is a spy app or monitoring software that offers efficient employee monitoring features. The app is meant to make employers’ and employees’ lives easier and stress-free. Though there is some misunderstanding regarding the spy app thing among employees as it is not beneficial for employees or is somtheing dangerous for the employee but it is not true. It is equally beneficial and has more long-lasting effects on employees as compared to employers. The TheOneSpy spy app offers three different versions for starters. 

  • An android version that offers an android monitoring feature for monthly seasonal and yearly bundles.
  • A mac version that can be used to keep a check on the employee’s work-related activities through their Mac devices. 
  • A Windows version that offers a long list of efficient employee monitoring features for keeping up with the employees through their Windows gadgets.

It is completely legal to use the spy app for employee monitoring. The trend has seen a special urge in recent times especially after the pandemic when the concept of remote working was introduced. The hybrid mode of work i.e combination of remote working and in-site working employees then again highlighted the use of employee monitoring software. If you are a big firm employer, or an entertainer the use of the employee monitoring spy app is essential to avoid any big damage and to assure safety from cyber attacks. 

  • Only company-owned devices must be used to keep a check on the employee’s work-related activities. It is only legal to monitor the employees through these gadgets. Use of a personal device for this purpose is strictly prohibited and illegal in any case. 

The Screen recording feature offered by the TheOneSpy spy app for android saves the screen activities of the employee for the user. All the information is saved with data and time information. The screenshot and short video recordings can give alerts about any unusual activity on the target employee’s device.  Make sure every employee follows a zero trust policy and carefully handle any suspicious or even content received from trustworthy resources. As spear phishing uses personal information and minor customised hacks to attack a certain target. Make sure your team is careful enough to handle any sort of such situation. 

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