Hand-Tied Hair Extensions 

Hand-tied hair extensions are just for you if you are looking for an immediate hair thinning solution. Now it’s pretty easy to get your dreamy locks through these hand tied extensions. It will solve your lock thinning issues and add volume, length, and color to your natural locks. 

How Do Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Help? 

Hair extensions are made from either natural hair or synthetic ones. Then these are sewn onto a weft which can be done manually or through a machine. 

The whole process of this application is neither painful nor time-consuming. It will add volume, color, and thickness to your locks with a natural-looking option in less than an hour. 

Human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions

These hand-tied wefts can be made from original locks or synthetic ones. 

Original or natural locks are collected from the donor. This will give silky extensions throughout life. These are also called Remy hair, as they have hair cuticles intact. It completely blends with your natural locks. 

Synthetic hair extensions are fine synthetic fibers with no natural locks. It gives a rough and stuffy look and does not blend with your natural hair; apart from the fact that these are cheaper, neither do they not last long nor can they be styled through any of the heating devices. 

Benefits of hand-tied extensions

The reason that hand tied extensions are becoming the talk of the town day by day is because of some features which make them unique in the market. These hand-tied extensions are beneficial in several ways :

  • As these extensions are hand-tied, they are lighter, so do not worry about that hair becoming too bulky. 
  • As hand-tied extensions are thinner, it is hard to spot once they are fixed with natural locks. 
  • These extensions give you a natural look and protect your natural hair entirely from any damage. 
  • Neither adhesive nor heating tool is required to fix these extensions to your natural hair. 
  • These extensions are easily installed by a talented stylist and give a smooth, shiny hair look without discomfort. 

Maintenance of hand-tied extensions

Maintaining these extensions is not at all problematic. By just taking care of a few things, they will always make the one look gorgeous all the time. 

  • It is required to be washed 2 to 3 times a week. 
  • Before washing, make sure to comb your hair to detangle all the tangled hair. 
  • Always rinse through clean water. 
  • After shampoo, conditioning of hair extensions is essential. 
  • Please don’t be hard on your locks thru a towel as it might damage your locks, so rub gently. 
  • Detangle your locks again, and you can use any styling tool to give a style of your own choice. 

Are Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Not Good For Your Hair?

Hand-tied hair extensions are not harmful to you. On the contrary, these additions to your locks can be a great way to add length and volume. Of course, there are things to keep in mind when choosing hand-tied additions, such as the quality of the hair and the type of bond used. But overall, hand-tied extensions are a safe and effective way to achieve fuller, longer.


Hand-tied weft extensions are the easiest way to get the most voluminous, thick, lengthy, naturally appearing to look that too at affordable prices. Undoubtedly one will look stunning if a skilled hair master not only perfectly matches the color but also secures the weft correctly to your natural locks. These weft extensions are the most popular way to give yourself a fuller look these days and unlock your imaginary face. Your hair extension can give you a base to get your desired look.

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