Top 5 Mobile Phones For College Students

In the modern era, using smartphones for learning has an increasing trend. College students use smartphones as a learning tool in e-learning and web-based learning. According to statistics, 53% of college students own a smartphone. The smartphone brings effective learning solutions to college students in many ways and might also positively affect academic performance. It makes the student life more accessible to books and learning material right on their hand. 

Before buying a smartphone, it is essential to anticipate the features that college students idolise in their phones so that you can recognize which smartphones are best for them. Such as, all a college student needs is a budget-friendly smartphone with long battery life, a good camera, and a better gaming experience.

Mobile Phones For College Students

Google Pixel 4a

One of the factors while buying a new phone for college students is a budget-friendly device. The Google Pixel 4a is the best mid-range smartphone among various smartphones. The most significant underlying reason for that is its camera. Its camera captures photos that are pretty comparable to some flagship models. Google somehow manages to take impressive pictures with only one rear camera on the phone.

On the outside of the camera, pixel 4a provides a super clean build of Android 10, which is upgradable to Android 11. In addition, Google pixel 4a provides guaranteed software updates until August 2023. It has a colourful OLED display and a snapdragon 730G processor, which can handle multiple tasks. 

It has no expandable storage.

Samsung A52 5G

Another budget-friendly handset with top-of-line features for college students is Samsung A52. This phone comes with a clear super AMOLED screen. A 6.5-inch display and smooth 120hz refresh rate have an eye-pleasing effect. In addition, college students might be happy capturing their memorable moments with its quad-camera setup. Its 464MP primary sensor can capture marvellous photos.

The Qualcomm snapdragon 750G processor and 6 Gb of RAM enable college students to complete most tasks quickly. Moreover, large batteries, i.e., 4500 mAh with fast charging and storage of 128 GB, are good enough to make the experience of college students good.

One Plus 9

Another productive smartphone for students is the one plus 9. This smartphone comes in the upper midrange category. It is costly, but it pays its price. It comes with the snapdragon 888 processor, 8GB of RAM, 6.55vinch AMOLED panel along with 120Hz refresh rate, 128GB of internal storage.

It provides a 4500 mAh battery that supports 65T wired charging and 15W Qi wireless charging. The feature that makes all this better is the one plus 9’s software. Its software is based on Android 11, has lots of extra customization options, and has a super clean design. Oneplus 9 has other unique features like Reading Mode and a Gaming mode that you usually don’t find in stock Android. One drawback is it lacks expandable storage.

Nokia G20

Students who don’t afford expensive smartphones can buy a Nokia G20, thereby getting a good user experience. This affordable smartphone is best for those students. Compared to its price tag, the phone looks much better, having a modern design and sturdy build quality. A 6.52-inch 1600×720 HD display at the back of this phone has four rear cameras, which look impressive even at such a low price tag.

This smartphone provides 4GB of RAM with 128GB internal storage and expandable storage of 512 GB with a 5050 mAh battery. The phone has an Android 11 clean build with two years of major software updates and three years of monthly security updates that serve well for college students. However, performance is relatively slow as it has a Mediatek Helio G35 chipset which is not the fastest processor.

Moto G Stylus

Students who seek an affordable note-taking device might buy a stylus that is cheap compared to the Galaxy Note series. It might be considered the best android phone for students with a stylus. Moto G stylus comes in a water repellent design, quad cameras, 400 mAh battery, 4GB RAM with 128 GB internal storage, and a display of 6.8 inches. It has a snapdragon 678 processor.

The stylus tucks neatly into the phone’s body. Moto G stylus is an excellent tool for college students. It might be helpful for students who want to write notes and draw. They might also use it as a remote shutter button or clicker for a presentation. 

These are the best five smartphones for college students keeping in mind their needs. Any of the smartphones mentioned above might serve a college student well.

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