Repairing The iPhone’s Screen is Expensive. Here’s Why? 

Do you want to repair the screen of your iPhone? When you compare the prices of smartphones on the market today, you will find that iPhones are among the most costly devices of this type. But, simultaneously, this is one of the most popular cell phones available today. This makes sense once you’ve become acquainted with the phone’s features. In other words, you get what you pay for, and as a mobile user, an iPhone gives you a lot.

So it’s only natural that repairing an iPhone screen would be costly. Nonetheless, this is one of the most critical features of any phone.

Screen repair is expensive. Many customers are aware of this, yet some have confusion as to why an iPhone screen repair is so costly.

We’re talking about a high-quality component when it comes to the iPhone.

iPhone’s Screen is not Just a Glass 

When you think of a phone screen, you probably picture a thin piece of glass slapped on top of the phone. However, this is not the case. Although the Screen’s top layer is glass, it is not ordinary glass.

This top layer consists of aluminosilicate, composed of aluminium, silicon, and oxygen.

Manufacturers utilise this sort of glass because it is generally more durable, which raises the price.

iPhone Screen has Multiple Layers 

  • After glass, the next layer is essentially a tiny gap of inert gas or air that aids in determining the point of touch on the Screen.
  • The third layer is a grid of fragile wires that interact to form an electrical field. When your finger touches the screen, it produces a tap that is a break or interruption in the area.
  • The final layer is a sheet of glass with an adhesive on the backside that maintains and strengthens the rest of the phone. 

Each layer is manufactured separately and then meticulously combined to build one phone screen. 

You can’t Remove Broken Screen with your Bare Hands 

Before installing your new phone screen, you must first remove the broken one, which is not an easy task. You’ll need a precision screwdriver and a mobile opening tool to remove an old phone screen. So you can’t just use your bare hands or a knife to accomplish it.

Even if you have the equipment, removing your old phone screen is a tricky operation that entails removing the phone’s battery, unplugging different ribbon connections, etc.

Most of us aren’t screen removal experts; we’ll frequently leave it to a professional.


For a long time, phone makers used LCD, or liquid crystal display, screens on their phones. However, this has just changed after the invention of the OLED, or organic-emitting diode display. The OLED panel can generate light for each pixel, whereas the LCD screen relies on filtered background light. People differ in their preferences between the two. However, OLED is more expensive. As a result, the screen replacement price relates to the model of the phone you have. If you have an older phone, such as an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, you will pay less to replace it because it has an LCD rather than an OLED display.

The majority of new phones on the market now have an OLED display. That’s why screen replacement becomes costly.

Always Go to the Professional 

These factors like multiple layers, organic-emitting diode display, and fragile screen parts make repairing an iPhone screen costly. Therefore, whenever you meet with such a broken screen, always go to the professional who is an expert in fixing the shattered screen.

Precautions are always Best

  • Use a Glass Protector: The best thing you can do to prevent paying those costly screen replacement fees is to secure your phone with a Protector. First and foremost, obtain a tempered glass screen protector. This is excellent for preventing unsightly scratches and cracks.
  • Phone Case: There are cases made expressly to be shock absorbent to save your screen from shattering.

Insuring your phone: Consider insuring your phone to avoid paying out a large sum of money all at once if your screen does not survive the fall.

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