Buying Used Smartphone: How to Spot a Scammer

Buying a used cell phone is advantageous but risky, as many scammers are there. So it would be good if you were very careful while purchasing a second-hand phone to lower the chances of being fooled by scammers. 

It is preferable to buy used phones from authentic online stores and websites, where you are available with a wide range of used phones. You can purchase a used phone in good condition from these stores with no fear of the phone being stolen. There is a risk of scams of buying used phones on other forums or classified ads. 

Be alert to these signs as they might help you spot a scammer while buying used cell phones.

Avoid Paying In Advance or Via Link   

Be careful if the seller offers you a low price with an urgent deposit advance payment. The seller might convince you that they need money or something like that. You must not agree to pay in advance but only in case of buying a device from a trusted salesperson. 

In addition, avoid paying by a link sent to you by the seller. These links take you to the fake website where scammers ask you for your bank details. Instead of paying via a link, you must ask for the seller’s account number and prefer to pay the seller through your bank branch or app. 

Asking Sales Outside Of The Company

While buying used mobile, you can spot a seller as a scammer if he asks you to continue the sale outside the website. In such a case, the site cannot intervene in case of suspicious activities. As a result, you might face a bad experience.

Fake websites

Sometimes sellers create fake websites to gather information regarding your credit cards and other sensitive data. If the seller requests your detailed banking information on any website, you must be careful that it might be a scammer. He might use our data to steal information from our credit cards. Therefore, you should consider authentic websites to buy used phones and never provide sensitive information on such websites.

Broken or Faulty Device

Whether you plan to buy a phone from an online store or through ads, ensure that it functions properly before purchasing a used mobile. Many scammers sell broken phones to stores by portraying that the battery is low and you need to charge it to turn it on. Making such an excuse, scammers don’t let you check the phone on the spot. In such a case, please don’t believe in them. Instead, take time and inspect the mobile properly. Be alert, and to avoid regretting later, you must adequately check your device at the time of purchase.  

Phone with Chinese Roots

Many people buy phones from Chinese manufacturers of their choice because they are cheap. But in case someone is selling you a phone mentioning that it is an original device and you have to pay as its original phone, make sure to inspect that used phone thoroughly as, in reality, it might be from Chinese manufacturers. So it is wise to turn on the phone and see which store it supports, i.e., google play or app store.

Stolen Devices

If you are purchasing a used mobile, look for indirect signs to avoid buying a phone that is a stolen device. So check the seller’s profile and customer reviews for him. You might also check the ads posted from the seller’s account. In addition, check the phone yourself and compare the code, serial number, and IMEI mentioned on the box with the information given in the device settings. Finally, you might reset the phone’s settings before buying.

You must be careful at the time of purchase to prevent the situation where you buy a locked phone and the seller blackmails you that the phone is stolen and threatens to go to the police. 

Scammers Offer a Higher Amount   

Online scammers often offer a higher amount than you request to attract your attention and interest. Therefore, you should be vigilant of scammers who ask for a higher amount than you asked. 

By being active, you can spot a scammer before finalizing your deal. Scammers always have signs that you can spot if you are vigilant and careful. 

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