Best Decoration Ideas for Diwali: Let’s Bring Happiness Home

Diwali ━ the most auspicious festival in India ━ comes with a lot of excitement and happiness. The decoration is the most important part of the festival that jazz up the home. However, it is also the most daunting task that can confuse people about where and how to start. 

Rangoli and lightning are the two traditional decoration ideas that have been followed for a long time. But each year, we look for something new and innovative to make our place unique, elegant, and charming. 

Unlike every year, if you want to try something new and interesting, this post is for you. We bring you a list of simple Diwali decoration ideas that will create an enticing and welcoming space. These decoration ideas are not only effortless but are also unique and cost-effective. 

Moreover, most items or tips we have included in this post are available online, or you can find them in the local market. All you need is pre-planning to manage everything timely and under your budget. 

Natural Plants

Because of the fireworks, the environment gets polluted during Diwali. So, why not go green this year? Plants, indoor or outdoor, are the most beautiful decorative item. Natural plants help to create a lively and eco-friendly environment. They look beautiful, purify our surroundings and bring mental peace to the home. 

Natural plants are also a great gifting option. There is an abundance of indoor plants available online or offline. Choose any of them with a designer planter, and you are ready to express your heartfelt feelings to your loved ones. 

So, this Diwali, plant more and more plants, embellish your nook and cranny with greenery, and spread awareness about maintaining the environment’s balance. 

Lights With A Twist

Diwali decoration is incomplete without lightning. But are you not bored with the same lightning every year? Why not twist your Diwali Decoration and bring something new to the table? We are going to give you a very simple and innovative idea with common and easily available items. 

Hanging lights on the railing and door entry is a very common thing. Make it fun and recall your memories by hanging photos in between the lights. Various gifting and ecommerce sites have lights with clips exclusive to this purpose. 

All you need to do is pick out the best family pictures, get the photos printed, and hang them on your living area or drawing-room wall. This will look fantastic and add a memory to your list. 


When it comes to the Diwali festival, we cannot overlook rangoli. It is the most important part of the Diwali festival as it believes that rangoli is the gesture to welcome Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha. Making rangoli with colours is an old-age practice. As we are concentrating on eco-friendly Diwali decoration, we can consider flowers instead of colours. 

Draw a beautiful design on the entrance of your home and decorate it with different types of flowers that are easily available around you. The best practice you can do is store the flower petals of the 2-3 days old flowers from your personal garden a few days back to Diwali. This way, you will have good quality flowers without wasting money and harming the flora. 


Diwali decorating seems tedious unless you do not have ideas and resources available. We are here to sort your problem with simple ideas. Candles are too common, and everyone brings them home. So, why not make those simple white candles more colourful and interesting? Wondering how?

It’s simple! Whether you have standing candles or tealight-shaped candles, start decorating them. Not in the way you used to do in the school’s Diwali competitions. 

This time, washi tapes are the solution. Get a variety of tapes and wrap them perfectly around tealight candles. On the standing candles, paste them diagonally until the end. To make it more appealing, place a number of candles in a tray full of flowers. 

Dining Table Setting 

No festival iscompleted without a festive meal. The dining table is the place where all members of the family gather and share their emotions. So, it has to be more beautiful and engaging than usual. Agree?

Let’s do this another way this time! Table cloth and flower pots are so boring now, and try something different such as a table runner. Get a decent table runner complimenting your decor and make it more engaging with designer coaster sets and luxury kitchenware items. 

It is not all here. You can place those decorated candles on your dining table in your style. Believe us; it will make your day. 

Make your festival shine and memorable with these unique and simple home decor ideas. If not all, planting plants around your home is among the concepts not to be missed. 

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