Easy way to develop your web page using SEO strategy?

You complete your website that’s good,  now all you require to do is lead the way people to it 

For your webpage to appear as one of the top solutions on search engines, you guys just know basic details about SEO 

Now let’s see How can you implement SEO

First of all don’t scared to create a website using hypertext markup language,( HTML )

just use Wix SEO it’s a free and efficient tool to create your own webpage there are so many free templates for web page design its very easy to use and it’s very easy to customize your website

Moreover the next important point is using the right  URL, right description, anchor text, alt tag, and  right header 

Ok fine now how to find the right URL

Before publishing your website, you need to give some name to your URL . that is the important one to choose which is the right URL because visitors search  the site if URL will attract searcher the visitor will visit your site it’s also making huge traffic different to your webpage and increasing the rank also then google knows whats inside your webpage 

Make sure your webpage is clean and clear I mean don’t use special characters don’t use hashbangs and last don’t use page id if it’s clear you got attraction 

The perfect domain will include your career name may be an applicable keyword if you are a filmmaker, your domain name like  www.yournameflimmaker.com 

Just Reverification the URLs is perfectly matched your content helps your webpage to develop in front of the first page first-line process 

Create individual titles and unique descriptions for all page 

Do you know one thing: you can type individual titles and unique descriptions all over your webpage?

Clearly tell about your career and write a short note of your content that inspires the viewer to read your full blog, article, or anything else. Users so choose to be unique in small things also  

The title then description is the first things for ranking your web page in the first page, once your site show in first page users see your profile information is worth it or not so be clear with your content also

Do you know about anchor text?

Anchor text is hyperlink text in your web page paragraph, anchor text is clickable text if visitors click the hyperlink text it goes to another page of the webpage, for example, you search to learn a digital marketing course, click the link and see the difference it directly goes to IDM tech park website it is known as anchor text moreover  it helps to navigate your website and it guid user website too

Anchor text is a good way to improve your website traffic so utilize that

 Rename all your images, using alt tag 

It’s useful to easily understand what we are trying to say in this picture it’s just need a short description for that picture, be sure to use altag trying to fit in your carer name also, and add some related keyword because if the user search for the same keyword it will so in related search in the top so make it clear in this,

Build your website like this type of structure 

search engines understand your content and find your mistakes easily so you need to know how web page structure, First important thing is the title of your webpage is surly in the h1 tag, and the h1 tag uses only one time for per page, and its know as the header, and the order of the text is h1,h2, h3..etc 

The order like this  

The  pecking order of text will correct in your webpage means then no problem at all if in case this order will change means surly it’s not a proper website structure 

Keywords in your content

Make sure to add relevant keywords to one webpage content, it’s very important to add keywords like meta tag, header, and description also if you know one thing there are lots of websites to find a better keywords to how people search using those words so use that to improve your traffic 

Guest post 

For other web pages is a worthwhile path to increase backlinks, backlinks are used to increase our website traffic, look at the content first and make sure its quality check everything and read the conditions, and ok means ask to publish ok means they will publish and you got a quality backlink it’s surly useful to your website traffic 

Web page traffic  

There are two main types of webpage  traffic Organic and paid 

Organic webpage traffic :

this type of traffic that you don’t want to pay it include visitors who click the webpage link from your social media or search engine anywhere in results, organic traffic have some better convincing rate and more over organic traffic results are more highly qualified it build higher trust on customer, its purley cost fruitful

How is organic traffic used to improve website traffic ?

Evaluate your content not your Search Engine, regularly you need to publish fresh and unique content in your webpage, your website need meta tag and internal external links ,and you long word to your keywords 

 Paid traffic :

Paid traffic literally does not generate quick action. It took some time to take off your website traffic and moreover this type of audience is not stable in your website and your content too , it’s totally for paid it’s not for all website users ,basically you guys know how paid traffic wokrs ?

How does it work 

Visitors enter into your website there are many internal links and external like in that website right, also popup add also displayed in your website in incase visitors click that add means they get that visitors in another webpage site , this type of works are all un this paid traffic methodsĀ 

There are many type of ads here like display ads , social media ads ,native ads etc What is display ads ?

Posters , banners , letter , image etc it all are fixed in third party webpage 

Social media ads ?

Ads prefer to user in social media platform like facebook,instagram etc

Native ads ?

Ads prefer platform in similar media 

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