To get efficient cleaning, it is not essential that you have to hire a more reputable cleaning service provider. Professional Air duct cleaning are now making their services very reasonable and as a result of that, you can afford them more often. You might feel a little annoyed at the fact that you have to call them frequently and get the ducts cleaned even if it is just once in a year. 

Well, you need to understand why and how often air ducts should be cleaned? There are many safety-related think tanks that suggest you to consider doing it at least once in a year. But it doesn’t take very long for the air ducts to accumulate the dirt and debris, you also need to ensure that it doesn’t become a home a safe haven to mice, insects, and other critters. 

The answer to this question depends on various things. Your ducts could be very dirty within a month if you live in a place where sandstorms are frequent and the pollution level is high. On the other hand, if you live in a region where the level of these contaminants is low, you could go without even an inspection for a few years. But even in those areas, it is advised to clean your ducts every three to five years.

The environmental protection agency has listed out some symptoms which you should consider and have an inspection from air duct cleaners:

  • If you think mold has been growing in your ducts.
  • If you suspect the existence of vermin, insects or rodents in the HVAC or any other space in the home.
  • If you are noticing visible dust in the supply registers of the vent.
  • If you are noticing a surface of black debris outside the vent. 

These are some of the most conspicuous symptoms which tell you that it is time to call professional air duct cleaning service in Mason. Apart from these obvious signs, there are some other symptoms which won’t be highly noticeable but you should be able to feel them. If you are seeing some member of your family coughing more often lately, then it is happening probably because your duct is releasing more dust. 

It is truly an alarming situation because it could also cause some serious allergies or respiratory diseases as well. If you have pets at your home, the dander is most likely making its way into the ducts. There are various microscopic substances which also make inroads into your HVAC and they get back to you as soon as the air conditioning is turned on. So you need to make sure the ducts are rid of all types of dirt so you could live a healthy life.

A full-fledged duct cleaning could cost somewhere between $400 to $1000 depending on the expanse of your ductwork. The HVAC also involves air coils, a central system which needs to be properly cleaned and that could be done only with the help of trained professionals. You also need to make sure all the HEPA filters are duly with the help of powerful vacuums. In order to ensure that the job is carried out with efficiency, you need to check the license of the professional cleaners.

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