Now You Can Repair Your Mobile At Home

Nowadays, if mobile phones face minor damage or technical issues people prefer to fix their phone instead of buying a new one. They can get their iPhone repaired at an iPhone store or independent repair shop but it is more time-consuming and costly whereas minor damages to mobile phones are easy to fix. Genuine apple parts enhance the iphone performance using them have several benefits.

  • If the mobile has battery issues it can be exchanged instead of purchasing a new mobile.
  • In case of adhesive starts going away eg, the keypad can be changed in case it is behaving badly.
  • Mobile touch screen issues can be resolved by changing its display.
  • Mobile speakers can be changed in case of malfunction.
  • These repair items are economical, smart use oriented, well functioning, and a wise approach.

Apple Self-Service Repair Program

Apple Inc. will begin making parts and tools available to customers to repair their iPhones.

Apple devises a self-service program considering a single experienced  and knowledgeable worker to repair iphones. This program enables Apple customers to buy parts directly  to perform their repairs after reading a manual. The customers will have access to Apple genuine parts, tools, and manuals for completing their repairs of selected devices starting with the iPhone 12 and 13 lineups and later mac with m1 chips. The program in its starting phase will focus on common repairs that is, replacing an iPhone display, battery, or camera. This service will only be available in the US starting early this year 2022.

The parts and tools will be sold to the customer at the same price as an independent repair shop. For a customer to successfully perform a repair they must review the repair manual then they can place an order for the apple genuine parts and tools using the apple self-service repair online store and the customers will be able to get discounts by returning their used parts to Apple after completing the repair. 

Apple planned to sell more than 200 individual parts and tools. Apple chief operating officer jeff william corresponds in a statement “Creating greater access to Apple genuine parts gives our customers even more choice if a repair is needed” . The company claims that the program is devised as a self-service program considering a single experienced  and knowledgeable worker to repair iphones and most customers can still go to the professional besides Apple is  now providing a choice for the customers who do feel comfortable planning to repair their iphones.

The Parts And Service History

With iOS 15.2 and later, customers can see the parts and service history of their iPhones.

  • A customer can check whether the battery has been replaced for iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, and later, including iPhone SE (2nd generation),
  • Can check whether battery or display has been replaced for iPhone 11 models, iPhone 12 models, and iPhone 13 models
  • A customer can check the battery, display, or camera have been replaced for iPhone 12 models and iPhone 13 models
  • Now the customer can check whether the service was done using the genuine apple parts and processes. He will see “Genuine Apple Part” next to the part and he can see detailed information regarding the date of service.
  • Incase of incomplete installation , replacement of non genuine part or if the part was already used in another iphone customer will see unknown part message

With iOS versions earlier than iOS 15.2 customers can only check if a replacement part is identified as an Unknown Part. Parts and service history is shown only to those iPhone who have had a part replaced or if a part isn’t functioning as expected. In case a part is serviced many times only recent service will appear. Iphone parts and service history is linked to the serial number of the iphone. If an iPhone has been repaired in a way that generates a new serial number, the user will only see the parts and service history that is associated with the new serial number.


The genuine apple parts should be replaced with caution and care otherwise it would result in improper function or overall device safety. Additionally, repairs that don’t properly replace screws or cowlings might leave behind loose parts that could damage the battery, cause overheating, or result in injury.

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