How To Transfer iPhone Photos To Computer In 5 Easy Steps

The iPhone has a good inbuilt camera so the user can capture high-quality photos as much as they want. At a certain point in time, users may want to transfer photos from their iPhone to pc. The reasons for transferring photos to pc are 

  • People want to see the photos on the bigger display as the mobile screen is small
  • To release the storage capacity filled by a large number of images

Transferring photos from an iPhone to a pc window is not that difficult as many people get confused in choosing the right method. The five best available methods to transfer iPhone photos to pc are

Technique # 1 Through File Explorer

One way to transfer photos from iPhone to window pc is through file explorer. It helps to view and manage files in the device and drives quickly and easily. With it photos can be easily extracted from iPhone to the computer by simply following these steps:

  1. Connect iPhone to window pc by USB cable (enter the passcode if prompted)
  2. File Explorer can be opened through the keyboard by pressing the window key + “E” at the same time.
  3. Now the iPhone is visible under the device and drives.
  4. Double click on the icon with the iPhone name. Then double click on internal storage > DCIM.
  5. Now all the photos that are to be imported can be assessed by selecting the photos, copying, or, dragging them to the location you want to keep them. These photos can be organized by moving them in the picture folder.

Technique # 2 Using The Photo App

Another easiest way to import photos to a Windows PC is using the photo app, this method also ensures not creating duplicates in later transfer as well. This method has the following steps

  1. Connect iPhone to window pc via USB
  2. Open photo app on your pc through the window start menu
  3. By clicking the import button select Import from the upper right corner of the Photos app. Then, select from a connected device and wait for the Import wizard to kick into action.
  4. Choose the photos that are to be transferred and click “import selected”. photos that are to be transferred can now be selected by clicking a small checkmark in the upper right-hand corner of each image.
  5. The photos that are imported can be found in the picture folder. 

Technique # 3 Through I Cloud Photos

Another way to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC is using “iCloud photos”. By using iCloud photos on the iPhone, the user can have real-time access to his photos on his computer through the iCloud for Windows app.

  1. From the Microsoft or Apple website office download iCloud photos for Windows on the pc.
  2. Next, sign in to the iCloud for the window app by apple id.
  3. Select activate photos and any other iCloud services then select close.
  4. Now open file explorer after that select iCloud photos in the sidebar.

Windows pc will show your photos once the iCloud photos are activated on the iPhone.

Enable it by opening the iPhone’s settings then selecting photos and turning on the switch next to iCloud photos.

Technique # 4 Using Third Party Cloud Storage Service

iPhone photos can be backed up and accessed to the computer using a third-party cloud storage service that is google photos. It is also one of the best options as it can save an unlimited number of photos.

  1.  First, install google photos on the iPhone.
  2. Then, open google photos and tap allow access to all photos after that sign in with your Google account.
  3. By selecting ‘storage saver’ photos can be backed up at reduced quality so that it can take less space. Tap ‘confirm’ to back up the photos.
  4. To view and download photos to the pc the google photo web app can be used.

Technique # 5 Imazing or Copytrans

Photos can be copied from the iPhone to PC using third-party iPhone management apps such as iMazing and CopyTrans. It requires a fee but it has the option to view the photo library as it appears on the iPhone and import images by album. 

  1. Download iMazing on the window pc
  2. Then connect the iPhone to the PC through USB.
  3. Then select photos
  4. Pick album or category in which photos are to be transferred
  5. Now select Export

Transferring Photos Is Easy

As mentioned, there are several ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC.The method which is suitable for the user can be chosen and used. Photos can be edited and used on social media or shared once they are transferred.

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