What Is Pigment Green 7? Applications Of Pigment Green 7

What is Pigment Green ?

Pigment Green 7, also called Phthalocyanine Green, is a slightly duller and more blue green than Pigment Green 1. This pigment color can be used in the same ways as its brighter cousin, and the two are often mixed together to achieve various shades of teal and turquoise

Pigment Green 7 Chemical Composition

C.I.77289 or Acid Green 26 or 1,1′-Biphenyl, 4,4′-diisocyanatomethyl-3,3′-dichloro-, triester with 1,1′-dihydroxynaphthalene (Solvent Blue 74). It’s a bright blue pigment that shows up in solutions of alkaline solutions such as ammonia solution. The color green is due to presence of a bromine atom in its molecular structure. It has oil solubility and water solubility of 0.5 and 9 mg/l respectively at 25°C. The CAS number for Pigment Green 7 Chemical Composition: 1333–87–9.

Applications Of Pigment :Colors, including pigment green 7, that are used in printing ink and industrial coatings often are called organic pigments because they contain carbon. Generally, an organic pigment has a molecular structure based on carbon rings. One of these rings may have at least one atom of nitrogen or sulfur replacing one or more of its hydrogen atoms. These groups create a strong absorption of light as it passes through, which is what gives organic pigments their color. The structure can also contain small ring systems and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that add complexity to each molecule’s absorption spectrum.

Uses Of Pigment Green 7

Because pigments like Pigment Green 7 have a variety of uses, it’s important to know why you would choose one over another. For example, these chemicals are used in large amounts to add color to textiles such as yarn and wool. They can also be used in plastics and dyes. What makes pigments unique is that they don’t mix with other compounds or dissolve completely in water; they are opaque powders that remain solid at room temperature. There are hundreds of different types of pigments out there, but not all of them have uses for every industry.

Largest Phthalocyanine pigments Manufacturer :

CP Pigments Limited (India) and Nippon Shokubai Co., Ltd. (Japan). This deep green pigment is one of five phthalocyanine pigments that are recognized by CIE as being superior in color rendering properties. It has an L value of 94, a b value of -5, and it can be used in conjunction with other pigments to reduce glossiness in paints and plastics when used with Calcite White pigment. CP Pigments Limited makes over 25 different formulations based on PG7 that range from a water-soluble type to a version made specifically for use in powder coatings that are sprayed onto metal parts prior to baking them at high temperatures into paintable plastic.

Safety Measures With Pigments

as with any potentially toxic material, professional artists and Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer follow strict guidelines to handle pigments properly. They are always used in an air-conditioned environment, away from open flames or other sources of heat or ignition, to prevent inhalation or ingestion of dangerous fumes or particles. Furthermore, people working with these materials often wear protective clothing (i.e., goggles and masks) that would not normally be worn outside of a lab setting. The containers are also sealed well with plastic wrap and then foil so as to prevent accidental exposure while using them. While pigment green 7 may have its disadvantages in certain areas when it comes to daily use, it can be very useful for those who work professionally with various kinds of paints and dyes.

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