Everything to know about Nickelodeon Cruise Ship

A family cruise is one of the best options to devote your time with family. People are too busy in their daily routines and feel bored to do as much work to earn their living and to be successful in their life. They do not spend enough with their family. 

Children like cartoons and so the Nickelodeon cruise ship is possibly best for them for many reasons. This cruise also has kid-friendly shows to entertain kids. When your kids watch SpongeBob and  Dora the Explorer they feel happy and they are on cloud nine.

Good and affordable tour packages are offered by many companies for adults and also for families. Nickelodeon cruise prices vary according to the different packages but still, they are reasonable. 

What is Nickelodeon Cruise?

Nickelodeon cruise was one of the best ways for the enjoyment of the families. The theme of this cruise was based on Dora the Explorer and Spongebob which were the famous characters. If your children love these characters then Nickelodeon can be the best place to go. Your kids definitely will enjoy the Nickelodeon theme. You will feel joy when you will meet with your favorite characters.

History of Nickelodeon Cruise

In the cruise industry, Nickelodeon’s venture was a good way to entertain families and spend time together. Royal Caribbean Cruises set its first cruise in 2008. The departure was from Miami and there were almost 4,000 passengers and a total of 7 families participated in that cruise.

Nickelodeon started a partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) in 2010. At that time kids were the main focus of the cruises and shows and pool parties were featuring mainly on the Nickelodeon theme. NLC was famous because of its pajama breakfast parties and other events like Nick Live. This includes performance, entertainment along with the poolside, and Nickelodeon signature slime which cherishes the kids.

Tips for Going on Nickelodeon Cruise

If you are planning to go on the cruise with your children then first arrange the budget. Although the rates are not higher but affordable, save your money or take a loan from a relative or friend to meet the expenses of the tour. It will be very helpful if you consult with an agent but you can also find good deals online and book your deals. 

The primary focus of the family cruise is kids, good ones can find different ways to enjoy and entertain. Take a detailed look at the store to find all the things from which you can enjoy when you will be free after watching your kids play.

It is good if you plan your cruise trips with your family. Keep all the necessary things like clothes, themed and party wears and also take care of your own and children’s health from motion sickness and prepare enough medication.

Keep following the schedule and be updated about different instructions. It is recommended to arrive before the cruise to avoid any inconvenience of getting on board. There will be many announcements so ensure to observe the message board.

What is Nickelodeon’s Cruise Price?

The cost of the cruise depends on multiple factors. Some of them are:

  1. What is the duration of stay?
  2. Which package do you want to choose?
  3. Which season have you chosen?

So, the Nickelodeon cruise price is not fixed and it can be lower or higher depending on many factors mentioned above. 

Nickelodeon Cruise No Longer Exists

The nickelodeon business was very successful and it entertained many families. Many kids had enjoyed this tour with the family cruise. You will be thinking “why are Nickelodeon cruises no longer” and you may have questions about its existence. 

As mentioned above there was a partnership between Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and Nickelodeon. The NLC was operating these cruises. But unfortunately, the partnership between these two was ended. Due to this mishap, the adventurous holidays were closed surprisingly. There was a big sadness for different families who always enjoy their holidays with kids at Nickelodeon cruise.

What is the Alternative?

Nickelodeon cruise ended its agreement in 2015 and there are very low chances of agreement between these two cruises again. You may be wondering what is the other option. Are you still able to attend parties with a Nickelodeon theme? 

Fortunately, yes you still can attend these Nick themes with your children. There are many hotels and resorts that are offering parties based on Nick’s themes. So, you can spend your holidays with your kids at these resorts and hotels. To enjoy Nick theme You can hire :

Nickelodeon Disney Cruise

It is not a Nickelodeon cruise actually but it is the favorite of the children and they enjoy it very well it is considered one of the best cruises after the Nickelodeon cruise. There are few companies that are offering Nick theme Nickelodeon Disney Cruise is one of them.

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