8 Stunning Lab Grown Diamond Rings that Will Blow Your Mind

There’s no denying that diamonds are the most popular gemstone and that they make the perfect gift, even if you’re trying to save money by buying your loved one an inexpensive engagement ring. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing an affordable diamond as your engagement ring, there are also plenty of good reasons to opt for lab grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds when shopping for an engagement ring. If you’re looking to surprise your partner with stunning lab grown diamond rings and don’t know where to start, these eight breathtaking rings will blow your mind and help you get inspired!

 Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Rings

Lab grown diamonds offer a stunning alternative to their mined counterparts and offer just as much sparkle, color, and brilliance. They’re also completely conflict-free, making them an appealing choice for shoppers who value transparency in their purchases. Check out our collection of eight stunning lab grown diamond rings below! Each ring features a lab-grown diamond solitaire set atop a traditional sterling silver or 14K white gold band.

White Gold and Platinum Setting

While lab-grown diamonds are still in their infancy, two of its most commonly used settings are white gold and platinum. The former is popular because it allows for maximum light refraction from lab grown diamonds, making them even more brilliant than naturally mined diamonds. But there’s an aesthetic trade-off for using platinum: It doesn’t allow as much light to pass through to a diamond as white gold does and therefore yields less sparkle. If you find a diamond ring you love in a platinum setting but want it on white gold, your jeweler can easily switch it out for you. Lab grown diamond rings also look good in yellow gold settings, though they lose some of their lusters compared to white gold and platinum rings.

Dazzling Round Cut Stud Earrings

If you’re looking for a cute pair of stud earrings but don’t want to compromise on style or sparkle, take a look at these dazzling lab grown diamond earrings from Stefee. Created by HRD Antwerp, a Belgian-based jewelry maker, these unique little gems weigh in at 1.00 carat and feature gorgeous color and clarity for just $639 (30% off retail price!). They’re perfect for anyone who loves diamonds but is worried about sustainability! And if you’ve got an extra $639 lying around, they could be yours… just make sure they won’t cause too much environmental damage!

Micro Pave Set Princess Cut

The Micro Pave Set Princess Cut has every inch of its surface covered in a pave setting. This gives it an exquisite, radiant appearance, and it’s so sparkling you might mistake it for a natural diamond. The ring is also well-proportioned, with beautiful curves and lines. The ring is relatively low-set and has a comfortable fit. That’s because it was designed to accommodate finger-width changes that most people experience over time. These rings are stunningly gorgeous, sparkle like crazy, and cost less than half of what real diamonds cost at many online diamond retailers. If you love diamonds but don’t want to pay diamond prices, these Lab Grown Diamond Rings can be your answer!

Triple Row Band with Halo

1. This lab-grown diamond ring has a halo of round diamonds on each side of it. It has a triple row band with an outer row, which is plain, and then two round pave set diamonds, followed by three baguette diamond rings in each of them with a total weight of 2.86 carats. The central lab grown diamond rings have 2 carats. This stunning ring costs $2589.24 from Allurez online jewelry store.

 Thre Stone Solitaire in 14k White Gold

At first glance, you might mistake these stunning lab grown diamond rings for an expensive piece of mined diamond jewelry. But, after taking a closer look at its extraordinary shine and high color, we’re sure you’ll agree it doesn’t take an expert to tell that it was created in a lab! This ring is simple yet beautiful and will surely add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Treat yourself today with these gorgeous lab grown diamond rings or give one as a gift!

Three Stone Eternity Band in 18k Rose Gold

This gorgeous band features a trio of high-quality lab grown sapphires—including a large pink center stone and two smaller yellow sapphires on either side. The delicate three-stone ring is simply breathtaking and would be a perfect addition to your jewelry collection!

White Gold Three-Stone Style Engagement Rings

This beautiful engagement ring features a .60ct white diamond center, flanked by two .12ct diamonds for a total carat weight of .72cts. The setting is crafted in solid 14k white gold and contains top-quality laboratory-grown diamonds. White gold jewelry like wedding rings, necklaces, and bracelets have always been highly popular among women. Choose Lab Grown Diamond Rings For Women.  It features an elegant color, is hypoallergenic, and allows women to express their unique personalities without worrying about skin reactions or allergies. As with all our diamond pieces, we offer Free Shipping on all White Gold Engagement Rings. Shop today and save!

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