Rakesh Tikait Biography

To know the details about Rakesh Tikait Biography keep reading this blog. Rakesh Tikait is a member of the Bharatiya Kisan Union and was born on 4 June 1969. He is currently the national spokesperson of the BKU and hails from the Uttar Pradesh state. After graduating from university, he became a police officer in Delhi. In 1993, he left his job to join his father’s farmers union and soon became a prominent leader in the party.

Tikait studied at the Meerut University and completed his higher education. He then joined the police force and was posted to Delhi as a sub-inspector. His father was an activist and his grandfather led the farmer’s movement in Delhi. Tikait’s parents were successful farmers and he has a rich background in farming. He is currently an MP in the Parliament of India and has worked in the judicial system for more than twenty years.

Tikait is a farmer who earned his fortune through his farming business. His vehicles are modest, but he owns a few expensive cars. His education was not very high, but he is very rich and has a salary of about Rs6 crore a year. His parents were farmers who supported the farmer movement. The protest was peaceful, but the protesters were upset. Tikait went on to win the election twice.

Tikait is a politician, farmer and businessman. His father is a prominent politician in UP state. He owns more than four crore rupees in property. His wife Sunita Devi is an engineer. The couple has three children: Charan Singh, Seema, and Jyoti. They married in 1985 and have three children. He has been in jail for 44 times for his protests against the Modi Government.

Rakesh Tikait is the son of Mahendra Singh Tikait. He is a politician and a farmer. He is well-known for his work in the BKU. His father led the farmers’ movement in Delhi and is the Chief of the BKU. The family was in a middle-class background before he became a prominent politician. Besides being a leader, Tikait is a farmer.

The political career of Rakesh Tikait is not a very colorful one. Despite being a successful businessman, he has failed to become a prominent politician. His net worth is estimated at 80 crores. His wealth has been accumulated through farming and other sources of income. His father was a farmer, and his father and grandfather were also farmers. His mother was a farmer. Tikait’s father was an agriculturalist and a farmer.

Tikait’s father was a farmer and a politician. He had two brothers, one older and a younger brother. He is a member of the Jaat community. His father was a farmer leader and had two daughters, which made him very popular. His elder brother is the president of the BKU. He has a rich background and has been a prominent leader of many political causes in the country.

The BJP has a good reputation. Tikait was elected as the national spokesperson of the BKU, and is the second son of the chairman Mahendra Singh Tikait. He is a member of the BKU and the BJP. His acrimony against a farmer has been in the news for years. In the meantime, his career has been a success for him. His net worth is 4-5 crores.

Tikait is a well-known politician in India. As the public representative of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, he is the head of the western Uttar Pradesh rancher union. In his statements, Tikait has said that he has received support from all sides and is performing a pivotal role in the protest. If you are interested in knowing more about the rancher and the politics of this BJP leader, then read on.

The BKU is a prominent leader in India’s farmer movement. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he was the national spokesperson for the Bharatiya Kisan Union. He is also a member of the RJD. The BKU is a party of farmers. The BJP has a wide network of branches across India. However, in the present, there is no information regarding his wealth.

Rakesh Tikait Net Worth

Rakesh Tikait Net Worth is estimated at 80 crores by 2021. He has amassed this wealth through farming, business, and government work. His family has a history of social activism. His father was a farmer leader. The politician also owns many lands and fields in India. His net worth has soared over the years because of his efforts to help farmers and their families.

Currently, Rakesh Tikait has a net worth of INR 80 crores online. He is a farmer who has worked with his father and has been a prominent figure in politics and agriculture in India for many years. He has three children with his wife Sunita Devi and two sons. In addition to his net worth, Tikait also enjoys a large car collection. However, he does not own a luxury car.

Tikait is the chief of the Balian Khap Panchayat in Uttar Pradesh. His father, Mahendra Singh, passed away in 2011 due to bone cancer. Tikait’s uncle, Chaudhary Naresh, is the current chief of BKU. Tikait’s parents had been farmers, and their earnings have been limited to just Rs 6400 a month. In recent years, Tikait has risen to become an important leader in the farmer’s movement.

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